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 Sarah Barton Thomas


 Educator, Leader, Learner


Organized, Intelligent, Compassionate, Collaborative, Innovative





I am a technology integration facilitator, music educator, coach, teacher-leader, and life-long learner.  I have proven classroom success in both public and independent school settings.  I have successfully built opera education curricular programs throughout the U.S. I foster strong musical skills in my students while integrating academic and social skills into daily lessons.  A teacher-leader, I am an active member of a vast array of enrichment and curricular committees as well as a leader within my community.  I am a coach, leading children and adults to running success.  I am a life-long learner; actively seeking professional growth opportunities on a regular basis and holding an advanced degree in school administration from Johns Hopkins University.  I am organized, capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously and successfully.  I am compassionate with both students and colleagues; with a clear understanding that life and learning go hand in hand.  I am collaborative and consistently flexible with subject integration, shared leadership, and open communication.  I am innovative, moving beyond traditional pedagogy and embracing a style that is creative, technologically rich, and integrated.



















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